Rotary International Director 2019-2021

Dr. Stephanie Urchick is on the RI Board of Directors and serves as the Chair of its Executive Committee in 2020-2021. She is a member of the Rotary Club of McMurray, Pennsylvania and has served Rotary as a Foundation Trustee, Chair of the Rotary Strategic Planning and TRF Centennial Celebration Committees, member of the Atlanta RI Convention Committee, RLTI Moderator, International Training Leader, Regional Foundation Coordinator, President’s Representative, District Governor, District Delegate to two Councils on Legislation, and as a member of various RI Committees and in many club and district Foundation roles.

A Rotarian since 1991, Stephanie has participated in a variety of international service projects, including National Immunization Days (polio prevention) in India and Nigeria, the building of an elementary school in Vietnam, water filter installation in the Dominican Republic, and mentoring new Rotarians in Ukraine. Securing mammography equipment and a biopsy unit for a hospital in Poland was the district-wide TRF matching grant that Stephanie coordinated with the Rotary Club of Krakow. In its commemorative book, the Rotary Club of Krakow noted Stephanie Urchick as one of the agents helping the re-birth of Rotary in post-Communist Poland. Currently, Stephanie is helping to partner clubs and
districts in the U.S. with Rotary clubs in Kosovo and Albania for humanitarian and educational services.

Stephanie’s professional background is in the higher education, consulting, and entertainment industries. She received her doctorate degree in Leadership Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has been recognized and awarded by The Rotary Foundation and numerous community and international organizations.